Top casinos to visit when travelling in Asia

If there is one continent which has more diversity than any other, it has to be Asia. No matter where you visit in Asia you will always have a fantastic experience unique in that country. However the one type of holiday that you might find in many of the countries in Asia is a gambling holiday as lots of countries around the continent has started to build casinos in order to pull tourists that enjoy gambling.

There is definitely one city that is world renowned for its casinos in Asia and that has to be Macau, this city has more than 30 casinos in small borders and so actually pulls in more gambling revenue then Las Vegas or any other gambling city in the world. Macau is a gambling paradise and one of the best casinos it can offer is definitely the Crown Macau. With its impressive number of games including more than 200 table games such as blackjack, Roulette, poker and more than 500 slots games available you are sure that you step into this casino you will find something you want to play. Such a wide choice of games is important to keep up nowadays considering the selection offered by online casinos like

Singapore is another country that started to build many different casinos around its borders and has a number of them already set up, one of the most luxurious in the whole country has to be the Marina Bay Sands resort. This result is made up of three towers all holding up sky platform and is something to behold from the bay itself. The casino inside is known as the highest atrium casino in the world and has all the games you could ever want to play.

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